Cruz 1879 debut at Lipari Candy Show

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Cruz 1879 Chocolate & Coffee

This year at the 2017 Lipari candy show Tierra Nueva’s Cruz 1879 line stood out with their new vibrant style. Our Senior Director of Design created a brand that represents the history of Tierra Nueva in each product.  Reviving their Origin’s collection from a bland white and artificial appearance, she created a brand that will really pop off the shelves.

Since 1879 the Cruz family has been involved in coffee and chocolate importation from countries of Mesoamerican origin. Their cacao holds that earthy chocolate taste, but with a nice smooth melt to finish. Adding to their 7 bar collection, Cruz has innovated three additional flavors, 60% dark chocolate with quinoa, 60% dark chocolate with chia, and milk chocolate café mocha. 

"We took the purest part of Cruz history and implemented it into their brand."

Additionally, Cruz 1879 rebranded they’re sought after, award winning coffee thins from a dark burlap appearance to a trendy vintage Havana feel. Utilizing traditional calendars made by their ancestors family business ” The Casa Verde,” we took the purest part of Cruz history and implemented it into their brand. 

From this initial event, the Coffee Thins blew it out of the water and will be reaching a variety of stores, through Lipari distribution in September 2017.

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