Template Packaging Design 01 Formulation 02 Marketing 03 Production 04 Distribution 05 Sales Network 06 ABOUT US Our team has over 100 years experience in CPG development, manufacturing, formulation, packaging, sales, and distribution. We understand the market and consider ourselves specialists in our fields with the “Know How” of taking an idea from inception to launch.

Our design team has developed a number of sku's that have reached mass distribution centers, grocers and more.

Our sales team has a broker network reaching over 80,000 doors.

“It started as an idea, then a mission, bring better for you products to the masses. Champion the entrepreneur’s dream, open doors that big companies want to keep locked.  We are a company built on a shared vision of fulfilling our business partners dream of bringing better food choices to the consumer  in a responsible, honest, contemporary, sustainable manner!”

“We have the track record of success in Fortune 500 companies, we now are translating that knowledge and success to our partners.”

Chris Mattina - President

Meet The Team

Chris Mattina


Dan Taylor

Vice President of Marketing & International Sales

Brian Susslin

Vice President of Sales

Chris Jones

West Region Sales Director