About Rainmaker

Rainmaker is a team of experienced professionals who want to offer “better for you” products in the market.  Our products have reached over 80,000 retail doors. Our brands focus on being naturally conscious and certified with the best ingredients.

Featured Brands

Sulpice Chocolat

Healthy sweet snacks are a delicious way of life, and Sulpice’s Better Bites offer the best of both worlds. Each healthy sweet treat is high protein, high fiber and has ground chia and flaxseed for omega-3s. They’re healthy, but best of all – they taste amazing! You can catch these inside Whole Foods and other craft chocolate stores nationwide.

Cruz 1879 Collection

Catch the earthy nodes of Mesoamerican’s cacao and coffee from Tierra Nueva’s undiscovered line, Cruz 1879. Relaunching Cruz 1879 and rebranding their bars and Casa Verde Coffee Thin’s , we got an amazing product on trend and in front of buyers. These eye-opening packages will hit the stores in November 2017.

Rainmaker News

Applications currently being accepted

Rainmaker Incubation Program

Our incubation program is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to drive alternative food options to the mass market. We are interested in working with both start-ups and small business products that have ideas that could jump start into a long-term consumer demand.

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